Links: Lady Gaga Photoshopped Skinny, Models Vastly Underpaid, More

Meghan Blalock

lady gaga applause

1. A now-iconic image of Lady Gaga shot by Mario Testino in 2009 was apparently photoshopped to make the pop star look frighteningly skinny. [Yahoo! U.K.]

2. A new report shows that many runway models are vastly underpaid for their work, and are often back-owed thousands of dollars by their agencies. [Daily Beast]

3. Dry-brushing is the new beauty craze that Miranda Kerr, among others, swears by. Find out five reasons why you should try it. [Beauty High]

4. Woohoo! Aritzia is doing bags for Fall 2014, as part of a major brand expansion. [Racked]

5. Mother’s Day is Sunday! Here’s the perfect recipe for breakfast in bed to prepare for your lucky mama. [The Vivant]

6. Yikes: Urban Outfitters is being sued (again) for collecting shoppers’ zip codes without their permission. [Fashionista]

7. The cat eye is back, people. Here are the 10 celebrities with the best cat eye technique around. [Daily Makeover]

8. Apparently Solange gave designer Phillip Lim a private concert on his way to the Met Gala. Classic. [The Cut]

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