Wait, What?! Lady Gaga Leaves Her Apartment in a Full Mask, Leather Pants, And Insane Platforms

Meghan Blalock

Lady Gaga Is Masking Herself

Oh, Lady Gaga, how we missed you! And we didn’t even know just how badly we did until just this very moment: the singer apparently left her apartment this weekend wearing this. We guess, technically, you can’t confirm it’s absolutely, 100% Gaga, but let’s be honest: it is.

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The singer has been parading around New York in a plethora of weird outfits lately, while getting ready to release her album Artpop this November. Whether she’s removing her wig and showing her real hair during a live performance or walking around with her face completely concealed, we can’t get enough.

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Speaking of bizarre live performances, Gaga appeared on “Good Morning America” to give a Wizard of Oz-inspired performance of her latest single, “Applause.” She dons the sparkly red shoes, clicks her way down the yellow brick road, and even brings her IRL-dog Fozzi along for the ride. Watch the clip below!

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