Lady Gaga Biggest Magazine Cover Seller, Maybe Ever

Kerry Pieri

If you are to make a fashion spectacle of yourself, the least you can hope for is that someone is willing to pay attention. Rest easy Gaga, people care, they really care.

The girl, apparently of the year, Lady Gaga was the face to sell weekly and bi-weekly mags in 2010, according to WWD. Want the rundown? Gagas July Rolling Stone cover was the the music monthly’s best of the year (3x over its average actually). Other glossies to benefit from her visage? Cosmo’s April issue, Vanity Fair’s September issue and Elle October. If Anna was still wondering if Gaga was Vogue enough for the March issue, she should just embrace the crazy and get her minions to book that shoot like three days ago.

And because sometimes negativity is more fun, the losers of the year include Taylor Swift, who did slightly better in teen mags but ate it otherwise, while Blake Lively’s Esquire was the worst of the year and her Vogue was the mag’s third worst (or 9th best!). Meanwhile, Anne Hathaways November Vogue was the mag’s second worst while her InStyle was its best.

So confusing, magazines!

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