Ladies Say No Waiting When it Comes to Sex and Dating

Jessica Hoppe

Do you believe in abiding by the three-date rule? Meaning you wait at least three whole dates before you sleep with a guy? If so, you’re in a growing minority.

Yahoo reports that rule is totally pass in today’s dating world. In fact, women are more promiscuous than ever. Just today our Associate Beauty Editor, Amanda Elser brought to my attention to her alma mater’s brand new pop culture column. Thedebut article is the story of a 20-year-old undergrad’s proud foray into what she describes as a wonderful “toe curling” experience of indulgent sexual pleasure.

Now while thisSex and the City account is pretty hard to believe (drunken frat boys aren’t exactly known for their power moves in bedroom), it’s kind of alarming that she’s not the exception to the rule. A new study finds that a whopping 25% of women are putting out within the first week ofdatingsomeone.

So what’s causing this revolving open-bed policy? Between gender equality and easy contraception, today’s 20-somethings have become somewhat desensitized to what was once regarded as sacred. (I mean, come on. Researchers found that 30% of young men’srelationshipsdon’t even involve an ounce ofromance. Is that really OK with you?)

Marriage aside, I wonder most (at the risk of sounding like a prude) what ever happened to the concept of love and the idea that the most satisfying intimacy occurs between two people with a strong emotional connection. I am all for gender equality, but I still smile when a man holds the door open for me or if my date reaches over and squeezes my hand (and nothing else).

Sex is great, and with the right person it can feel awesome and empowering, but why do it if you’re not going to remember it (or even appreciate it) the next day? Trust me, pacing yourself is a good characterisitc that applies both in and OUT of the bedroom.

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