Kristen Bell Wears Versus, Sparks Runway v Real Way Debate

Kerry Pieri

I will admit that I have, on occasion, fallen prey to falling in love with a runway look and losing all concept of the possibility of actually wearing said runway look out in public. Lady Gaga wears the craziest ensembles for attention these are not the runway looks I’m referencing. Instead, consider that sometimes there are pieces that look so cool and wearable, in theory, but then when put into action, it all kind of falls on the wrong side of the style line [this happened once with a Jean Paul Gaultier Couture look on Rihanna].

Versus, designed by Christopher Kane, often shows the kind of runway collections that are so fun and bright and young, that it’s easy to forget that maybe you can’t rock it and still appear, in any possible way, effortless. Kristen Bell wore a Fall 2011 look from Versus that looks really beautiful on the runway sort of gothic, but still sexy. Perhaps, because Kristen Bell shortened it, or because now that waist band serves as more of a corset than a demure way of adding a graphic element, or because her hair isn’t in that sleek bun, or because her legs are bare and her clutch is so sparkly but the cool dress on the runway suddenly looks kind of appropriate for Vegas in a not good way. You know?

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