Kris Jenner Is Getting Her Own Talk Show This Summer

Spencer Cain

 Kris Jenner Is Getting Her Own Talk Show This Summer

In a next logical step for the Kardashian’s infamous momager Kris Jenner, it’s just been announced that the budding media mogul has landed a pretty major gig: her own hour-long talk show called “Kris” (obviously) which will be tested out on FOX-owned stations in major markets across the country this summer. According to a press release, the show will “will bring a cool blast of fun and high energy to summer television.”

This is Jenner’s most legitimate personal business move to date, as she’s previously been characterized—fairly or not, depending on who you ask—as a money-grubbing, teenage girl-exploiting, fame-obsessed woman on her family’s slew of wildly successful E! reality shows. She also made a sordid splash last year with her memoir, which detailed an illicit affair she had during her marriage to the late Robert Kardashian.

Frankly, we think Jenner has what it takes for daytime television. She may not get our tear ducts flowing like Oprah or crack us up like Ellen DeGeneres, but Jenner is clearly shameless enough to put it all out there—and that’s exactly the kind of refreshing voice that daytime TV could use. She’ll also show off a bevy of age-inappropriate outfits like the Herve Leger bandage dresses daughter Kim ditched for Lanvin peplum.

Ever the media-trained celebrity, Jenner stated, “This is something I have wanted to do all my life so it’s definitely a dream come true! I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin.”

What do you think? Does Kris Jenner have the hosting chops? 

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