Kreayshawn Secures Hipster Cred Thanks To Terry Richardson

Spencer Cain
Kreayshawn Secures Hipster Cred Thanks To Terry Richardson
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Kreayshawn, the female rapper who became known for her hatred of wearing Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Prada (basic b*tches wear that sh*t!), is out to prove to the world that she’s not some one hit wonder.

I’m not exactly sure why she’s posing in front of Terry Richardson‘s legendary camera, but if he’s shooting her, than she’s clearly worth it. Terry has a unique way of making his subjects feel outrageously comfortable, and Kreayshawn clearly has no problem letting loose (I’d imagine the Belvedere she’s toting around didn’t hurt either).

Take a look at the gallery above for a glimpse into Terry and Kreayshawn’s shoot and let me know your thoughts. Do you want to see more of Kreayshawn, or do you think she’s a one trick pony? Oh, and how awesome is her t-shirt (which is a play on Dior Homme if you didn’t quite get it the first time)?

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