Kool Keith Performs at All Points West


Rapper Kool Keith (also known as Dr. Octogon) performed on the Bullet Stage at All Points West.

Does anyone remember how on Lizzie Maguire Hillary Duff would were like head to toe floral pink or head to toe floral paisley? Ummm… Bold statement coming up: Kool Keith actually rivals here in the field monochromaticism. While one member of his entourage dons an oranger sherbet t-shirt and cape and another in a purple shirt and ermine cape, Kool Keith rocks a grey shirt and a silver glitter scarf that catches the sun and looks like fiberglass lights. Interestingly enough, Kool Keith is the first band I’ve heard all day to introduce each member. I can’t keep track of who is who though because every time I look up at the stage, a new person is there– like asexual reproduction in a petri dish.

Kool Keith introduces Ice-T (yeah like, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Ice-T… Legit). Ice-T proceeds to freestyle rap… by counting… to 27. I’m sorry but that is not a rap… Unless your name is The Count.

Watching Kool Keith on the Bullet stage, as he musically drives the audience arms into the air, will cause heart palpatations. The sound is incredibly loud and nearly overwhelming. I feel like my waving arm is marking the steady beat of my heart.

Living up to his infamous stage performance behavior of sexually sly remarks and nonsequitors, Kool Keith closes his set warning all the ladies in the audience to, “avoid all stripper clothes.” I button up my cardigan in the 90 sun. I’m a lady and I heed Kool Keith’s wise advice.


Photo: Andrew Katzowitz


Photo: Andrew Katzowitz


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