Meet Kirby Jenner: Kendall’s Secret Twin Brother Who’s Also a Model

Perrie Samotin


Breaking: Kendall Jenner has a twin brother named Kirby, guys, and he’s a mustachioed model. And, it seems, the proud owner of an AOL email address.

“The Kirby Jenner Amatuer Model / Lover of all things / Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner ——>” is what’s written on his Instagram account—which currently has 34,000 followers. He only has 23 posts so far, but it’s easy to see how close he is with his sister, often giving us glimpses into their life together.


“Our nanny used to always call us her princess and cabron. Miss ya Yulanda!” the first post is captioned, from 25 weeks ago, that kinda of does show a slight resemblance.

It’s super-weird that nobody ever noticed him until now, given the frequency with which he’s posed alongside Kendall—on billboards, on  magazine covers, on yachts. Dude even was right next to his sis when she was breaking Instagram with her heart-shaped hair snap, although the wench cut him out of the photo.



We know the men in that family aren’t nearly as thrilling as the women, but it’s probably time we acknowledge the fact that Kris has a seventh child who seems like more fun than all of them combined.




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