Kim Kardashian’s Strange New BF? Meet “The Ubiquitors”

Kerry Pieri

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images


Kim Kardashian is reportedly dating Chris Brown. Be cureful! (E! Online)

WWD is getting its funny on by calling out who they refer to as “The Ubiquitors.” They sound like some sort of superheroes, but really, the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Leigh Lezark‘s real powers lie in being able to show up, like, everywhere. (WWD)

Somebody is branding-sensitive. Chanel took out an ad in WWD to take issue with fashion writers and bloggers calling something a “Chanel jacket” or look when it’s not actually, in fact, Chanel. So chill on saying that poly boucl from Forever is Chanel-esque lest Karl come after yo’ ass. (Fashionista)

Marc Jacobs launched his first e-boutique today. Um, what took so long, MJ? (

Hayden Panettiere is set to play Amanda Knox in a new film. Knox is the girl who is currently in jail for killing her roommate while studying abroad in Italy. Sounds fun! (Deadline)

RT @AskMrMickey I haven’t feel the post-NY Fashion Week relief yet…. I guess I’m on perpetual fashion hysteria mode!
We feel you Monsieur Mickey.

RT @rzrachelzoe Who is watching the #RZP marathon today??
Whoever is able to be home on their couch watching The Rachel Zoe Project all day, we simply don’t like you anymore.

RT @THELOVEMAGAZINE Hot Boys in Hats – Nasir Mazhar Presentation
These look like some very young, albeit, adorable boys.
101398 1285095674 Kim Kardashians Strange New BF? Meet The Ubiquitors

RT @
Oh_So_Coco With the legendary Veruschka and Stella Tennant! –
Fabulous overload, kids.
101399 1285095826 Kim Kardashians Strange New BF? Meet The Ubiquitors

RT @
henryholland totally done my neck in. in agony. can’t move my head left or right.
It’s a London Fashion Week disaster!

Rihanna made a video with Doritos with all sorts of odd phrasing and imagery and we don’t get what it has to do with cheesy, delicious chips…thoughts?

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