Kim Kardashian Celebrates National Selfie Day in True Kim Kardashian Fashion

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Every day is National Selfie Day for all members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who have a predilection for taking photos of themselves (and posting them to social media, natch) coded into their shared DNA. But as the only sibling (so far) to release an actual 400-page coffee-table book filled with selfies, Kim Kardashian’s reign as supreme self-photographer is not up for debate.

(“I had a choice between this and a monkey’s paw. I chose the monkey’s paw. They still made me take this book. I tried to burn it, but the match turned blue and went out. I threw it in a lake, and all the fish died. When I drove home, I found it in the back seat. I’m pretty sure that in seven days Kim is going to crawl out of this book and tell me about her new line of clutch bags. I have a very old, sickly neighbor; I’m going to let him read it and see if the curse transfers to him. Man, I hope so,” one Amazon reviewer says of the book Selfish.)

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No self-respecting queen of selfies would ever let June 21 fly by without reminding her 74.6 million Instagram followers who’s boss, so yesterday evening Kim acknowledged the national holiday with a selfie of her own.

Wait u didn't think I would forget about National Selfie Day! DUH

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Of course, we didn’t think she would actually forget about National Selfie Day—that would be like Santa forgetting about Christmas—but this photo begs the bigger question: Is a selfie still a selfie if your face isn’t in it at all? As one astute commenter notes, “This isn’t a selfie. It’s a tit pic.” Fair.

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