Kim Kardashian Really Loves Showing Her, Uh, Assets: See Her Latest See-Through Dress

Meghan Blalock

In a move that we can only assume was a precursor to the big reveal of her topless role in Kanye West’s new video for “Bound 2” this morning, Kim Kardashian stepped out in New York last night for a dinner with sister Kendall wearing this.

Kim Kardashian Out With Her Sister Kendall In New York City

Photo: Fame FlyNet

It’s a full-length, long-sleeved dress that would be uncharacteristically modest for the reality star, except for the fact that the top is a completely perforated situation. Apparently, Kim really wants the world to notice her ample bosom; first, she went to a party during Paris Fashion Week wearing this incredibly plunging Givenchy dress, and now this and Yeezy’s bizarrely simplistic music video.

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And, of course, as soon as Kim steps out in anything remotely controversial, the Internet message boards light up. This is particularly noteworthy since, lest we forget, Kim Kardashian first rose to fame because she filmed a sex tape.

Not only that, but the star has posed for Playboy, which means many people in the world have seen everything her body has to offer—and then some. Which just begs the question: why are we shocked every time she shows off her cleavage? It just seems illogical.

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We don’t know if we can answer that, and yet we can’t stop talking about it anytime she does. Such is the life of a Kardashian fashion follower, or really anyone who reads the Internet.

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