Now Kim Kardashian’s Lasering Her Post-Baby Belly Button

Now Kim Kardashian’s Lasering Her Post-Baby Belly Button
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We all know that Kim Kardashian and fam like a little plastic surgery. But generally we assume it’s for things like lips. Or butts. Yet Kardashian herself revealed that she was chilling at family BFF Dr. Simon Ourian’s office in Beverly Hills, casually getting her belly button lasered.

“I’m spending my Saturday with Dr. Ourian, and it fucking kills,” she said. “Ahh! But it will be worth it. We are lasering.” Using, of course, a cute Snapchat filter that adds ears and whiskers (and distorts the face to cover any imperfections), Kardashian’s voice was also filtered through the app.

“You guys, I never thought I could love someone and hate someone so much at the same time,” Kardashian said.

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Kardashian said the procedure was happening thanks to the fact that she’s a mom twice over, and she is unhappy with the way her belly button looks. “Anyone that’s had babies understands what it does to your belly button afterwards and how much your belly button changes, then you really understand how much you need Dr. Ourian to tighten around your belly button so it looks normal,” she said.

We’re not sure this is quite the blanket statement she made it out to be, but it’s her body, and if she wants to get it lasered, that’s her prerogative. As for us, we’ve never heard of the procedure before, but for those who have sprung for this, more power to you. Though it sounds so painful! Ouch.

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