Kendall Jenner and ‘Vogue’ India Under Fire for May Cover


After massive backlash over a tone-deaf Pepsi ad last month, Kendall Jenner is on the receiving end of criticism again. This time it’s for being on the cover of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue with the words “Indian affair.”

“Yes, it’s pretty, but we’re not celebrating white/European beauty standards. . . . we’re trying to celebrate Indian women of color,” wrote Instagram user Sabrina Martinez. “It says that’s the beauty standard. It says that you can’t be the epitome of beauty if you’re not white,” 17-year-old Martinez told CNN.

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Considering the magazine ostensibly celebrates Indian women and culture, it would have made sense to feature an Indian model on the cover for such a milestone issue. It’s a decision that we’d blame the publication for before the model, and Vogue India is also receiving plenty of criticism. But the publication did not suggest a Pepsi could solve race relations in America mere weeks ago. If Kendall’s guilty of anything, it’s really bad job choices.

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