Kelly Killoren Bensimon Crystal Double Head Snake Ring


Object Of Desire

Kelly Killoren Bensimon crystal double head snake ring, $88, at

Reason #1

Fashion model-turned-reality star Kelly Killoren Bensimon can add one more occupation to her resume because she is now designing jewelry, and beautiful pieces at that.

Reason #2

We have a soft spot for accessories that coil around our fingers. The blue and green stones, crystals, and snake heads are simply an added bonus.

Reason #3

The ring is dainty enough to pair with an armful of bracelets, but bold enough to make a statement when worn alone. And between the face behind the brand, and the very reasonable price tag, we speculate the ring will be gone before you can even decide how you want to wear it. Order yours fast, and while you’re at it, check out Kelly’s StyleCasting feature.

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