Katy Perry Performs in a Sushi Dress


I just spent a solid 30 minutes trying to find an image of Samantha from Sex and the City lying around with sushi all over her body trying to link it back to Katy Perry‘s costume for the Japanese MTV Video Music Awards because I thought it would be funny. I immediately regret that decision as all I’m coming up with are costume suggestions to recreate Kim Catrall‘s brazen scene, “Supplies: T-strap sandals (any color will do, but silver is preferable); blonde wig (if you’re not already blonde); fake Sushi.”

I digress but the point is, Katy Perry was wearing a sushi dress designed by design duo Phillipe and David Blond (aka The Blonds) during her performance in Japan for Japan’s MTV Video Music Awards. This is the same team who created her Elvis costume for American Idol and the Carmen Miranda fruit basket she arrived in for her performance at the Grammy’s.

At least Katy Perry’s costume seems more sanitary than Samantha’s…

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