Katrina Bowden: Pics to Inspire that Fall Workout Regime


Happy birthday, Katrina! She celebrated her 21st partying at LIV Nightclub, and by taking a dip in the ocean in Miami. I don’t know about you, but these pics sure make us want to hit the elliptical.

The actress, best known for her role as Cerie on 30 Rock, has been working on a bunch of upcoming movies: Shortcut, The Last Film Festival, and National Lampoon’s Ratko: The Dictator’s Son.

Although the cold weather is coming our way, there’s no excuse not to stay as fit as Katrina. These indoor workouts will prepare you for any upcoming winter getaways:

Bike crunches: Lie down like you would to do crunches, and using your ab muscles to lift your shoulders and legs off of the floor, mimic the movement of pedaling a bicycle in the air, touching alternate elbows to your knees, and pedal your way to killer abs.

Downward facing dog: This yoga pose is an arm strengthener. Begin on your hands and knees, press down on your toes and lift your hips into the air, turning your body into an upside-down “V.” Let your head hang, and try to get your heels as close to the floor as possible.

Squats: Tone your legs by standing with your feet about as far apart as your hips. Bend your knees like you are sitting on a chair until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Lift and repeat.

Here are our fave Katrina Bowden looks for you to hang on your refrigerator:




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