Katie Shillingford Weds In The Sickest Gown Ever & Pink Hair


You might not know her by name, but you certainly know (and most likely love) Katie Shillingford‘s style. She caught the attention of the street style masses back in October of 2009 when Tommy Ton snapped a photo of her blue ombr hair during Paris Fashion Week, which people the world over proceeded to copy — at least attempted to copy. You’ve seen her work in Dazed & Confused where she currently sits as the Senior Fashion Editor and she is collaborating with Topshop for a Fall 2011 guest-editing gig.

Just when we thought her life couldn’t get any cooler, photos from Katie’s wedding at Eltham Palace — that’s of Henry VIII’s childhood home, FYI — last Friday have surfaced, and she’s wearing one of the coolest gowns we’ve ever seen in our lives. Designed by her dear friend and frequent collaborator Gareth Pugh, Katie’s gothic grey dress was equal parts dramatic and delicate, made with layers of shredded silk chiffon. In the beauty department, the stylist sported soft pink hair and a deep bordeaux lipstick.

Models, Duchesses and fashion editors really have it made when it comes to getting married, don’t they? Oh, and I forgot to mention, Katie got to rock a gold Gareth Pugh Fall 2011 number at her reception, as seen on Beyonc.

[Via the Telegraph]

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