Katie Holmes Debuts the Exact Bangs You’ve Been Thinking About Getting

Katie Holmes Debuts the Exact Bangs You’ve Been Thinking About Getting
Photo: Wenn

Last time we saw Katie Holmes, she was working it outside Cipriani Wall Street in a floral dress, looking noticeably smug and slightly omnipotent in a red floral dress. No bangs in sight.

katie holmes bangs 11 Katie Holmes Debuts the Exact Bangs Youve Been Thinking About Getting

Photo: Wenn

Glam AF, her forehead on full display. But all of that just changed, because she debuted some fierce bangs yesterday in NYC—the very bangs, in fact, that many of us have been contemplating trying out all fall.


Photo: Wenn

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Hairstylist DJ Quintero, who’s responsible for the gorgeous cut, ‘grammed a pic of Katie’s new look just before she was heading on stage for the Tonight Show. Paired with a perfectly glossy blowout, her bangs are literally shining atop her head like a beacon of hope. Also, that shine doesn’t come accidentally: When we spoke with Holmes a year ago, she made it clear that she takes serious pride in her hair. “I try to keep it shiny and smooth,” she said. “I like to have nice-looking hair. It’s the one thing we can control, right?”

Holmes added that she’s so obsessed with Alterna’s Kendi Oil, she has it in her bag at all times (along with lotion, a couple of lipsticks, and blush). See that sensible brown leather tote? We bet there’s some Kendi Oil in there as she and her bangs swished into the NPR offices yesterday.

Here she is, below, looking incredibly happy to be taking her new bangs (and a black bow) for a spin alongside Jimmy Fallon. And to be alive. And, let’s be real, to have bangs.

Bangs: Giving Katie Holmes new life.


Photo: Wenn

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