10 Unexpected Fashion Stars Who Stripped Down For Playboy

10 Unexpected Fashion Stars Who Stripped Down For Playboy
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It’s confirmed! After rumors swirled earlier this year that supermodel Kate Moss would pose for Playboy, the news has been officially confirmed. Moss will cover the nudey mag’s special 60th anniversary issue, which will come out next January/February.

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Granted, Moss has been completely naked in front of the camera many times before, but each time had a definitive “artistic” spin, so Playboy seems a bit, um, pedestrian for an iconic model whose closest friends and collaborators include the absolute biggest names in the fashion industry, most of which would probably be a little less than amused at the star’s decision to pose for the low-artistry mag.

The news got us thinking about some other shocking stars who’ve appeared on the cover of Playboy. We did a little digging and came up with 10 ladies you wouldn’t have ever expected to don the iconic bunny ears.

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Click through the gallery above to see who they are!

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