Kate Middleton Turns 30: A Look Back At Her Party Girl Days

Spencer Cain
Kate Middleton Turns 30: A Look Back At Her Party Girl Days
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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (known to us commoners as Kate Middleton) turns 30 tomorrow. While I’m sure every other site in the world will commemorate her milestone birthday by taking a look at her best (often boring) fashion choices, we decided to do something different.

Waity Katie (as the vicious British press dubbed her as she stuck around for years, waiting for a ring from Wills) wasn’t always Duchess material, you know! There was a reason why the young Prince fell for the beautiful brunette in their university days. It’s because she could paaaaarty! Seriously! And the press followed her like lunatics, so basically the girl had more “up the skirt shots” published than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined.

Nowadays, this would just not fly. Any shots of Kate departing from a nightclub would set off a media firestorm. Why is the Duchess not feeding sick children or saving the world? Well, honey, let me tell you — a job is a job. Even royalty deserve the night off to knock a few back at their favorite pub.

So, click through the gallery above for a look at some of Kate’s younger days, where the booze would flow free and it was cool for her to wear lingerie on a stage in front of thousands. My, times have changed! Happy birthday, babe! I hope you live it up tonight, but chances are, you’ll just end up playing shuffleboard with the Queen.

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The paparazzi desperately trying to get a shot of her knickers. 


Wills makes that classic drunken crawl into the back of their chauffeured town car. 

Wills and Kate in some sort of "charity fashion show," which really seems like more of a chance to showcase their heavy petting onstage. Although, the fashion of the early 2000s was fond of a good bra top. 

K-Midds lookin' a little loopy after a night at Bunga Bunga or Mayfair. 

Pippa and Kate, during one of her and Wills' brief break-ups. The paps claimed that Kate had "taken up smoking" at this time. 

The people's princess, baby. 

Oh, Katie...life isn't PhotoBooth. 

That emerald green top...

Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Kate and Wills cut a damn rug. Holler!

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