Kate Middleton Looking to Show up Pippa as a Bridesmaid

Kerry Pieri

I don’t want to impose sibling rivalry on girls I don’t even know, and obviously if Kate Middelton were jealous of Pippa or saw her as a threat in any way she would have sent her well-beloved ass to David’s Bridal for a b-maids dress as opposed to getting her a custom McQueen be Sarah Burton. That said, I doubt she foresaw all of the attention Pippa and her fitted, gorgeous, simple dress would receive on the big day so much so that it almost, nearly, overshadowed Kate’s classic and beautiful gown.

Well, Kate’s going to get a shot at one-upping the Pippa in the bridesmaid’s dress department because the Duchess is about to stand up in someone else’s wedding. The unfortunate bride whom no one is going to be noticing on her big day is Zara Phillips, Prince William’s cousin. The nuptials go down this weekend, and I’m sure Zara has the loot to get something pretty in white, but I’m really more interested in how Kate’s going to look. Sorry, Zara.

[Hollywood Life]

Photo: SIPA

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