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Kate Middleton Insane? Doing Her Own Wedding Makeup

Kate Middleton Insane? Doing Her Own Wedding Makeup

In some of the most shocking, and actually interesting news we’ve heard about the royal wedding so far maybe yet it seems Kate Middleton is the DIY type. Fashion Etc reports:

“London wedding planner Mark Niemierkowho is not organizing the royal affairhas learned that after Middleton did her own makeup for her Mario Testino-shot engagement portraits, the future princess has decided to do an encore on her wedding day.”

Apparently she had had the makeup professionally done, hated it, and applied her own for the photos. Girl, we’ve all been there.

With about 150 billion people watching your wedding day (give or take) on 500 inch HD TVs (give or take), I cannot even fathom why anyone would opt to do this. There are a lot of not awesome makeup artists out there, but, personally, I would be getting six trials a day until I found my beauty soul mate.

Apparently, the future princess is taking some precautions. “A friend recommended Middleton take private lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston. And she did. The classes were held at both Clarence House and Middletons apartment in Chelsea,” Fashion Etc. continues. Did someone actually need to suggest this? What is going on? Is the Queen being cheap with the royal funds or something?

The wedding planner has his own thoughts on the makeup plan. Niemierko explains,She is the future Queen of England and shes doing her own wedding makeup. Whats next? Shes going to bake her own [wedding] cake?! Seriously, dude, well said.

Photo: Samir Hussein, WireImage

  • Jon Serious

    C’mon, isn’t this just a tad trivial? I mean, who really gives a hoot?

  • Callie

    I think it’s great she is doing her own makeup! Kate is naturally beautiful so unlike other brides she may not need six trial runs. And let’s be honest, doing your own makeup is a little different than baking your own wedding cake…

  • Sequita

    Only she knows how she wants to look, so if that means doing her own makeup then so be it.

  • Bebop

    Really!!! Go Katie, I had my makeup done for my wedding and I looked like a bloody clown. We ladies tend to know what suits us and what doesn’t , we have had lots of years to practice,I say, Go Katie! you know what is you :)))

  • Angie

    One thing is to get lessons to do your own makeup but on your wedding day! Come on. You seriously can’t find someone to do your makeup? This woman has no idea she will be photographed more than the average woman, and she wants to do her own makeup…OH MY…hopefully she also took some lighting classes too.. for the person that said she looked like a clown on her wedding …shame…you should have had a trial and hired a professional..not someone you paid $50 and decided to skip your trial to save money..

  • jc

    I’m a makeup artist and I had a dream last night I did Kate’s makeup for her wedding. I was breezing through it when I suddenly realized “holy ####! I’m doing the makeup for the Princess of Wales! This will be fantastic for my portfolio.” LOL
    That got me curious who WAS doing her makeup. I think its cool she’s doing her own. And yes, maybe it is trivial, but so what. Let people have their fun imagining a real life fairy tale. What’s the harm it that.

  • Mari

    Kate rocks! That takes a lot of self confidence to do your own wedding makeup. Way to go Kate, I love your independent spirit!

  • helen

    Good for her. Obviously she has enough confidence to do it herself. Her makeup always looks lovely, so why not?

  • patricia

    Good for her! She also doesn’t need someone to put toothpaste on her toothbrush like some royals seem to need. To extrapolate doing her own makeup into making her own wedding cake is ridiculous.

  • Donna

    I say “fantastic” Catherine. She does a beautiful job, and I know what it is like to be made up and feel like some drag queen, the last thing you want on your wedding day. I am sure she has practiced and experimented and gotten advice and is more than ready to make herself beautiful for William, after all she has been doing it for years, just look at their engagement photos and all of their public appearances. Diana could only wish she had looked so good on her wedding day, her makeup made her look like a corpse, she had no color to her face at all, it was pitiful, she blended with her dress.

  • Loretta

    Sounds like what I would want to do! I mean, this is the biggest day of her life and a woman’s face needs to look perfect for this. I don’t think I could put that trust into anyone else’s hands either.

  • Right Call

    Well, saw it, and…the makeup look cakey. The colors seemed more appropriate for Easter eggs vs. complimenting her skin tone, and just bringing out her natural attributes. And the eyebrows were too dark and uneven. The whole look aged her. She should have used whoever did J.Lo’s makeup at the 2001 Oscars – she was the most beautiful possible version of herself, and looked soo natural. Kate looked better at the engagement announcement. That said, she was still pretty and it’s hard to criticize a girl on her wedding day. Good luck to the newlyweds! :-)

  • Patricia 7'sma Diekevers

    Way to go Kate!! We could all learn from you–real beauty is on the inside:) ( it helps when you have some on the outside too:) )

  • caitlin

    i did my own wedding makeup and it was great! who knows you better?

  • Jennifer

    I did wedding make-up for 4 years and received amazing compliments from brides and third parties. I did a make up for a girl recently for a party, one of her friends thought she had done her own and walked up and asked her to do her make up for her wedding day! That was the best. Desite having done my own make up all my life and wedding’s for only 4, I am more confident in doing other people’s make up due to the angles of applying it, you just can’t see yourself in the same way other people do or from the same angles and it is more difficult to apply it yourself. Add to that, years of professional training and the stress and time it takes, most brides really enjoy the taking the time out in the morning to relax and let someone else do the work. I think Kate was naive to think one bad experience represents all make up artists. She should have had enough trials to find a real pro.

  • Zoom

    I think it is great she did her own makeup. How stupid to think that after applying makeup daily for 20 years that she suddenly needs an expert to do it?

  • Olivia

    She looked beautiful and like a natural beauty! Why would anyone critisize her? Prince William was happy and that’s what really counts! She is his bride! : )

  • marilyn taylor

    good for her its her wedding and if she wanted to do her own makeup so what

  • marilyn taylor

    good for her its her wedding

  • Laura A. Hargreaves

    Get real – that’s what she’s all about. Or maybe she shouldn’t have stopped there – maybe she should have had DDD breast implants, a strapless dress pushing them up to her neck, and everything that would make her look like someone’s idea of a Hollywood tart, so prevalent in this country. It’s refreshing to see that she was just beautiful in her own “natural state”, and didn’t bow to the pressure to be glamorized. Maybe our brides should follow her lead.

  • lbjohnston

    I can’t believe that this article is critical of her doing her own makeup. Good grief people. She is a natural beauty so who knows her better than herself.

  • Sandra O.

    Find out how to get Kate’s “royal look” for yourself!

  • tally koren

    I think she did the right thing and was so brave ! She looked stunning and she wanted to be the same as she always looks but more glamorous and she achieved it
    As a singer songwriter I always put the makeup myself and I just filmed a short video on my blog 2 weeks ago about DIY makeup and my personal tips and how to find the perfect makeup artist .

  • tallykoren

    I am so happy for Kate that she was brave to put her own makeup. She did a beautiful job and looked stunning !
    I filmed a short video and a post a blog few weeks ago exactly about that subject. As a singer songwriter and a model in the past , I learn how to do my own make up for big occasions.
    TallyLand blog & videos

  • Molly

    The girl has class, style and you are kiping about her doing her own makeup? Someone would have had a hayday complaining about what it cost if she had it done “professionally”! Leave her alone, she is the best thing to happen to the Royal Family.

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