Kate Middleton Insane? Doing Her Own Wedding Makeup

Kerry Pieri

In some of the most shocking, and actually interesting news we’ve heard about the royal wedding so far maybe yet it seems Kate Middleton is the DIY type. Fashion Etc reports:

“London wedding planner Mark Niemierkowho is not organizing the royal affairhas learned that after Middleton did her own makeup for her Mario Testino-shot engagement portraits, the future princess has decided to do an encore on her wedding day.”

Apparently she had had the makeup professionally done, hated it, and applied her own for the photos. Girl, we’ve all been there.

With about 150 billion people watching your wedding day (give or take) on 500 inch HD TVs (give or take), I cannot even fathom why anyone would opt to do this. There are a lot of not awesome makeup artists out there, but, personally, I would be getting six trials a day until I found my beauty soul mate.

Apparently, the future princess is taking some precautions. “A friend recommended Middleton take private lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston. And she did. The classes were held at both Clarence House and Middletons apartment in Chelsea,” Fashion Etc. continues. Did someone actually need to suggest this? What is going on? Is the Queen being cheap with the royal funds or something?

The wedding planner has his own thoughts on the makeup plan. Niemierko explains,She is the future Queen of England and shes doing her own wedding makeup. Whats next? Shes going to bake her own [wedding] cake?! Seriously, dude, well said.

Photo: Samir Hussein, WireImage

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