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Kate Middleton Has, Gasp, Three Dresses?

Kate Middleton Has, Gasp, Three Dresses?

Hey, it’s only for a couple more weeks, lets keep the Kate-Middleton-dress-rumors magic alive! FashionEtc is reporting that Jasper Conran is the latest designer getting the honors. But. There’s a but. He is allegedly one of three designers responsible for creating a gown for the lavish day. Kate, apparently more of the diva than we’d expected, is getting three dresses like one of those NYC socialites destined for reality TV.

The site continues, “Middleton has commissioned three wedding dresses from three different designers.” However, unlike her mother in law, who had two dresses in case somebody went all mean girls on one of them, Kate has three in case the designer name is “leaked” to the media, in which case she’ll wear one of the other two.

Uh, sorry Jasper Conran?

Photo: Indigo, Getty Images

  • AlisonGDesigns

    Oh no, poor Mr Conran! What happens if all 3 are leaked?! She will need a back up for her back up for her back up! Alison (

  • Daniela

    I certainly understand the desire to keep a tradition going with a grand royal wedding, but…in this time of great need in Japan, Haiti and many other countries (including the US), it just seems extravagant (to say the least) to be spending all of this on a wedding. I would find this couple much more progressive if they would donate the money they “would have spent” on the wedding to folks who are living in crammed quarters in Japan who have very little to look forward to. I wish them both well and all the happiness in the world -just wish that wealth could be spread out.

  • gramn8r

    I would agree with Daniela if it weren’t for expectations of pomp and circumstance for the couple and a lot of history in royal weddings. But, being the son of our beloved Princess Diana, I’m sure that the prince and his beautiful princess will be lending themselves to a lot of hard work and funding to benefit those who are in need. God bless the couple and all that they will strive to do in their love for each other and the people of the world!

  • mary beth

    Both Kate and William have chosen many charities to whom wedding guests may donate. I think that in this forsaken world, it was lovely to watch two beautiful people exchange vows. If William is anything like his mother, Diana, I am sure he will be involved in many charitable ventures.

  • Mrs. Mary Hudson

    I wish the happy couple much happiness and god speed. I would like to know why Fergie was not invited and was asked to stay as far away as possible. That seemes very hurtful and uncalled for. Her girls seemed to be more involved in the wedding and how they look, insted of being concerned about their Mother’s feelings. That’s too bad, because you only have one Mother and when you loose her, then you’ve lost everything.

  • Greg

    Here’s an idea. Get rid of the obsolete, unnecessary, tax-dollar leech known as the British monarchy altogether.

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