Kate Hudson Does This One Thing All the Time to Stay in Shape

Kate Hudson Does This One Thing All the Time to Stay in Shape
Photo: Wenn

Kate Hudson likes to stay in shape. We know this because she talks about it in interviews a lot, and she also has her own activewear line. Also, she looks amazing. And in a new interview with E!, she said that her biggest exercise secret is pretty straightforward: She does a lot of squats.

“I need to work on my butt all the time, or else it falls. … I gain in my face and my butt, like, that’s just where I gain weight,” Hudson said. She added that “anybody who gains there knows you gotta do a lot of squats.”

CFDA and Fabletics event - Arrivals Featuring: Kate Hudson Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 11 Oct 2016 Credit: Michael Boardman/WENN.com

Photo: Wenn

Hudson added another exercise tip: “I actually really love to work out, and I think that you need to find what you love.” If you hate working out, you won’t want to do it. “It becomes more about shifting your brain focus to actually enjoy” exercise. Hudson, who used to be a dancer, said she really loves fitness, and that if she doesn’t move her body on the regs, she starts feeling weird.

So—that’s it. Just do tons of squats and find an exercise you love. Fitness covered. No word on whether Hudson actually loves squats, but we’re going to guess no, because we’re pretty sure no one loves squats.

Here’s the full interview, if you want to hear Hudson herself talk about squats in her airy California way.


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