Kate Bosworth, Lea Michelle and Camilla Belle Show Off Their Winter Whites

Kerry Pieri

The 2010 Hollywood Style Awards were held in Vegas, which seems counter-intuitive since Vegas isn’t exactly synonymous with fashion hotness. Nipple tassels? Sure. Jil Sander? Not usually. But Kate Bosworth showed with her stylist Cher Coulter in a dress from the SS11 collection and looked pretty much perfect with bright pink lipstick and slick hair to work the chic minimalist moment. It is quite Springy for December, but since I’m obsessed with this collection, I don’t care.

Lea Michele and Camilla Belle also went winter white for the affair. Lea however really does look like she’s experiencing seasonal amnesia in a strapless white gown that appears to have been borrowed from her big sister. It’s just a little sad. I don’t know what Camilla Belle does except look really super pretty everywhere she goes and sometimes date a JoBro, but she’s still really good at the former! Her pale dress is slightly architectural and fits perfectly.

Still though, Kate’s Jil Sander is my new reason for living. What do you think of all this lightness of being? Bearable or unbearable?

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