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Karl Lagerfeld’s New Perfume Smells Like… Books?

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Perfume Smells Like… Books?


As we all recently got a glimpse into Karl Lagerfeld’s personal library where he houses 300,000 books stacked to the ceiling, it’s a known fact that the Kaiser is a huge bibliophile. On top of the enormous library, the designer also has his own book publishing company, Edition 7L, and runs his own bookstore, 7L, on the Rue Lille in Paris. It should come as no surprise, then, that rumors say Lagerfeld’s next perfume will carry the scent of none other thanyou guessed itbooks.

According to FOCUS, a weekly magazine based in Munich, Lagerfeld is collaborating withGeza Schn, a perfumer from Berlin, to create a scent directly inspired by the smell of ink on paper. The fragrance, apparently calledPaper Passion, is said to come in a package resembling a hardcover book as designed in collaboration with Gerhard Steidl, Lagerfeld’s Edition 7L partner. There’s been no word yet on Lagerfeld’s end about this project, but it’s kind of an interesting idea to play with in the meantime.

What do you thinkwould wearing a fragrance that smells like books evoke a smart-and-sexy vibe, or that of a musty old librarian?

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  • Olenska

    You had me until that last sentence. I am both a librarian and a perfumista, and I’m not the only one. But thanks for resorting to an old stereotype for lack of a more creative line of thought.

  • Chris Kerr

    “l’odeur de moisissure et de désespoir?”

  • Sacedo

    Why not a smart-and-sexy librarian? They do exist…

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