Karl Lagerfeld On Succession And Kate Middleton

Kerry Pieri

Karl Lagerfeld has been getting chatty again, one of our very favorite things about him. On his mind now? Who’s going to continue the Chanel legacy and of course the talk of Britain.

With the big news of the royal engagement, Kate Middleton‘s first introduction to the media at St. James palace last night, and the big blue Princess Di ring reveal, all that’s left to know is how Karl feels about it all.

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Point blank. “For the royals, apparently the royal blood is not in demand any longer,” Lagerfeld stated. But he continued, Better for the generation to come. She is very different from Princess Diana, and seems very well balanced and a happy person. She is chic in a way the position needs. Lets wait and see.

And someone else is getting his blessing as well. A question that weighs on every fashion girl’s mind who will succeed the King of Chanel? has sort of been answered! I have a contract for life so it all depends on who I would like to hand it to. At the moment Id say Haider Ackermann. We hope to never see the day, but that’s actually a sick choice and for what it’s worth, we approve. Bring on the edgy minimalism.


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