Karl Lagerfeld Covers i-D Magazine’s Spring 2012 Issue; Has A Patch Full Of Secrets

Susie G

Oh Karl–what are you hiding behind those dark, thick sunglasses of yours?

For the upcoming “Royalty Issue” of London-based i-D Magazine, Mr. Lagerfeld is the latest cover star (and took the photo himself!), donning the typical Kaiser uniform–slicked-back grey hair, black sunglasses, high-neck white collar, a dark jacket and man-ccessories. Except this time around, Karl mixes his usual look up a bit with a patch of cotton taped across his right eye.

Now for those who aren’t too familiar with i-D Magazine, all of their covers always feature their main subject winking or covering their right eye, since the lowercase “I” and capital “D” in the title seems to also be the magazine’s official emoticon of a winking smiley face (pretty clever, eh?).

We know that those big black sunnies have become a staple for Karl’s public image, but why not get a little more personal and unveil the man behind the mask?

Is he hiding all of those bags and dark circles he’s collected over the years thanks to attending (and throwing) numerous fashion shin digs and burning the midnight oil while hard at work designing the next collection for CHANEL–or is he secretly part of a Fight Club and can’t tell anyone ’cause we all know what the first rule of a Fight Club is…?

“The most important thing you should know about me, is that everything you’re told by others is not necessarily the truth,” says Karl in the new issue.

Hm, now that’s really making us start to believe that he really is hiding secrets in that eye patch of his.

You can get the full issue online from i-D starting March 19th, or get it in person when it hits newsstands on March 22nd.

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