How To Do Everything Better: Karina Smirnoff’s 5 Tips For Getting Back On Track With Eating and Exercise

Leah Bourne

karina How To Do Everything Better: Karina Smirnoffs 5 Tips For Getting Back On Track With Eating and ExerciseNew year, new you. With that in mind, follow along as we hit up experts in far-ranging fields from fashion to hospitality to travel for their thoughts on how to do everything better this year.
Fallen off the wagon with diet and exercise? Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get back on track. Wanting advice on how to do just that we sought out tips from Karina Smirnoff, a professional dancer, star of “Dancing With the Stars,” and most recently an ambassador for JC Penney’s seriously cute Xersion and CityStreet Activewear lines. We love that Smirnoff has a low-key attitude towards diet and exercise that emphasizes health and well-being above all else. Read on for her top tips.
1. Fallen Off the Wagon? “Don’t beat yourself up about it,” Smirnoff says. “Find an activity that you love and get moving! I find that it helps to get motivated if you look and feel great, so put on a cute outfit.”
2. Find Something Fun. “Dance is a great workout because it is fun. In addition to a great workout, it’s also great for your mind… I’ve never seen anyone dancing and crying!”
3. Throw Yourself In. “If you’re just getting started, don’t be self-conscious,” Smirnoff advises for those that are trying dance for the first time. “Find a beginner class where there are other people on your level and keep at it. No professional dancer came out of the womb spinning and twirling gracefully—it takes practice! Keep trying new classes until you find an instructor that you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of dance until you find a class that you absolutely love.”
4. Start Eating Clean. “Listen to your body—no tricks,” Smirnoff advises. “I eat lots of fruits and veggies and lots of fish, but I also indulge in dark chocolate when I want a treat! The way you eat effects your health and even your skin, always be healthy with a balanced diet and exercise and it will show through. Don’t try to cheat your health.”
5. A Snack To Try. “Egg Beaters makes pre-made egg white cups and you can easily add spices and microwave for a healthy breakfast on the go!”
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