The 3 Most Awkward Moments From The This Year’s Kardashian Christmas Special

Megan Segura
Photo: David LaChapelle

Photo: David LaChapelle

If you stayed up Sunday night watching the “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” Christmas special you might be left asking yourself a couple of questions, like “What?” or “Why?” We are a bit confused ourselves about the hour and a half holiday episode.

While the first half of the episode felt like an actual Christmas special—hokey set, silk pajamas and old Kardashian Christmas home videos—the second half of the episode showed the family filming their annual Christmas card (pictured above). The whole concept felt a little weird, but the family was no doubt trying to raise ratings by unveiling their family card on their show, instead of via social media like past years. Here were some other awkward moments throughout the show.

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1. Lamar
The past couple of episodes of “Keeping Up” have alluded to Lamar Odom‘s possible drug problems, but in this episode the family makes it quite clear that he and Khloé Kardashian are going through a rough patch. Kourtney Kardashian tells the cameras in her confessional interview that the two are “having problems.”

Later, when the family is discussing doing a girls-only Christmas card, Kim Kardashian explains to the photographer David LaChapelle that Kanye West is on tour and that Lamar is “…busy.” Khloé snorts a “OK…” in response. In the previews for what’s to come later this season in the show, it’s clear that the Khloé/Lamar feud will continue to be documented.

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2. Kris and Bruce
Kris and Bruce Jenner were also pretty candid about their own relationship in the show. They sit around and talk to their kids about their separation and how it won’t be affecting their Christmases together. The whole thing just made us feel bad for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. No kids should have to live out their parents’ divorce on reality television.

3. David LaChapelle
While the Kardashian sisters start out excited to have the famous photographer shooting their holiday card, the whole thing quickly escalated into a showdown of who’s the bigger diva. Kourtney and LaChapelle actually get into a pretty heated argument over whether her children should be in the picture.

While she—naturally—wants her kids to be in the family photo, LaChapelle thinks it ruins his concept. His major argument is that the set isn’t child-proof.

What the Kardashian special did achieve was making us feel like that weird, uncomfortable feeling that we only feel when we’re back home for the holidays. So…success?

What did you think of the special and the card? Weigh in!

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