Kanye West’s Womenswear Line is Coming Together

Spencer Cain

After being denied access from the Balmain show at the last Paris fashion week thanks to the notoriously tough, all black wearing KCD PR girls, Kanye West will be returning with a vengeance this season. The rapper and fashionista (who wore a Celine women’s blouse from theirSpring/Summer 2011 collection while performing at Coachella) has been the subject of much industry gossip suggesting that he would design for a variety of labels.

Then, it was announced he would be debuting his own line this season in Paris. Ballsy, to say the least. Details of the project have been kept on the down-low, but Vogue UK reports that Mr. West has brought on quirky, London-based designerKatie Eary as “one of the creative leads.” Do a quick Google Image search for her designs and you will immediately see why her and Yeezy had a creative connection. In short, they’re both nuts.

I know a lot of you feel that Kanye is totally overrated, and that he has no business getting involved in the fashion industry, but I disagree. Sure, scheduling your first runway show in what is practically the fashion capital of the world is definitely a bold and cocky move, but what else can we expect from him? We can’t deny his swagger. We just can’t.

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