Kanye West and Spike Jonze Short Film Available Today


This past spring, Kanye West announced that he would be working with director Spike Jonze on a short film project called “We Were Once a Fairytale.” The 14-minute short was originally the music video for “See You in My Nightmares,” but it creatively expanded through the collaborative work of West and Jonze.

The Daily Swarm explains the premise of the movie, which is evidently the love child of the joke, “I had a dream I was eating a marshmallow and my pillow’s now gone,” and scenes from American Beauty:

[Kanye West] plays a drunk, belligerent and boastful version of himself at a club, where he keeps informing fellow club goers that the song playing over the speakers is his. He then wanders into an adjacent room, starts having sex with a woman and passes out on her, only to come to in a VIP room where he is getting amorous with a pillow. He’s so disturbed by the scene that he runs to the bathroom and vomits rose petals, cuts his belly open with a bowing knife (which produces more rose petals), and then rips out a little furry demon that is living in his guts, who then is handed his own miniature bowie knife so he can commit suicide.

Ya know, just a regular Tuesday night out with Kanye West…hittin’ up the clubs and spewing rose petals from every orifice… Meh, all in a day.

We Were Once a Fairytale already debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival but the film just became available on iTunes today.

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