Kanye West Now Has Instagram—and Here’s His First Post

Bibi Dietz
Kanye West Now Has Instagram—and Here’s His First Post
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Maybe you’ve read a few of Kanye West‘s tweets over the years. Maybe you’ve even hearted them or retweeted them. Maybe you’ve used them as fodder for cocktail party conversation, or found yourself quoting one on a first date when it gets awkward and there’s nothing else to talk about. As of yesterday, your Kanye material is no longer limited to that of his tweets: Mr. West has joined Instagram.

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For his first post, he kept it simple, but classy: A screenshot of the sci-fi filmTotal Recall.What does it mean? What tidings does it bring? Who yet can say, but he already has almost a million followers, and that’s all that matters. Right?

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Credit: Instagram | @kanyewest

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