Kanye West Dead: Nothing But a Rumor


Last night Twitter blew the eff up with rumors as “RIP KanyeWest” flew up throughout the Twitterverse and became a trending #hashtag comment. I like how in wishing the deceased eternal peace, we can’t spare that space in between “Kanye” and “West” in our 140 character Tweet. Tweets poured in that Kanye West had died in a fatal car crash, but no evidence supports these rumors.

Meanwhile, Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose thwarted all rumors from whence they came: Twitter. Amber Rose tweets, “This ‘RIP KanyeWest’ topic is not funny and it’s NOT TRUE! He has people like myself and his family that love him very much.”

She continues in a follow-up post, “It’s in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic.” I think Rose meant, “trending topic” not “trendy,” or else she is painfully misguided in her understanding of trending.

Amber Rose concludes, “It’s totally disrespectful to make up a story like these where all human and we all make mistakes and to say someone died cuz of a mistake is ridiculous. U wouldn’t want someone to say that about u. [sic]”

Yeah this is not going to end well…

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