Justin and Mila Get Borderline X-Rated in New PSA


But I’d expect nothing less than inappropriate from a PSA about why being friends with benefits should be included as a Facebook relationship status choice. I mean, I know Kunis and Timberlake are trying (operative word trying) to be funny and everything, but in all honesty, I kind of agree with the general message here.

While I’m not necessarily one of them, people do put a lot of weight on Facebook relationship statuses. So it makes a lot of sense that the different options should be expanded to include more than just the generic choices: in a relationship, single, engaged, married, it’s complicated. And I did notice that they recently added “open relationship” to the list.

But, generally speaking, relationships are usually not that black and white. So besides adding “friends with benefits,” I have a few additional suggestions: not in a relationship but I’m in denial, in a relationship but he/she just doesn’t know it yet, hanging by a thread, it’s just physical the list could go on forever. Watch the racy PSA below and let me know what other statuses Zuckerberg should add as options.

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