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Justin Bieber, Unhinged: A Social Media Timeline Of the Pop Star’s Bizarre Week

Justin Bieber, Unhinged: A Social Media Timeline Of the Pop Star’s Bizarre Week

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  • Justin Bieber Performs At The 02 Arena

    Many fear Justin Bieber has been burning the candle at both ends, as the 19-year-old star (seen here performing in London this past week) has been displaying relatively bizarre behavior. Last Friday, he tweeted an ominous "Worst birthday" after an incident at a London club. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.54.42 PM.png

    Hours later, he posted this completely blank photo to Instagram—and wrote, "The funny moment when people believe I brought underage people to a club.. U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don't think so.. 2nd I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn't stay at their weak ass club so they wouldn't look bad for me walking in and right back out..i said my 'worst bday' but that was due to dummies pushing over my fans and being overly aggressive. Btw it wasn't the worst bday cuz all my friends from back home flew in I was just mad in the moment." This raised even more questions. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.58.42 PM.png

    Days later, Bieber took to Twitter and began a rant that was reminiscent of Kanye West, who used to use the social media network as an outlet for his frustrations. 

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    He continued on his rant, addressing the fact that many criticized that there were photographs of him outside of a club with no shirt on. While he may have been sweaty, walking around London shirtless still seems odd. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.53.51 PM.png

    Last night, while performing in London, Bieber apparently felt a bit woozy during the show and went backstage to take a breather. Upon exiting the stage, he collapsed. He finished the show, perhaps to avoid disappointing his fans—who booed him when he came onstage over an hour late earlier in the week. He was then rushed to the hospital, where he posted the above picture to Instagram, writing, "Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin."

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.55.24 PM.png

    "Hospital hallways creepy," he wrote attached to this Instagram photo. 

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    He also sent out a message on Twitter alerting his fans that he was doing fine, but they were trying to figure out what was wrong. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.02.30 PM.png

    This morning, he was embroiled in another drama. After a paparazzo began hassling him, he yelled, "I'LL F**KING BEAT THE F**K OUT OF YOU." He tried to swing at the photographer, but luckily his bodyguards kept him from doing so. 

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    Then he took to Twitter to inform fans that he was channeling the adrenaline from the fight into his concert tonight. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.06.23 PM.png

    In the midst of all this, Lil Twist was involved in another car scandal, allegedly crashing Bieber's Fisker Karma (a gift from his manager Scooter Braun) and fleeing the scene of the accident. Naturally, the paparazzi caught it all on camera, and he tweeted that they should leave him alone. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.55.55 PM.png

    Bieber's most recent Instagram proclaims, "Enjoying life." No word on if the photograph is old, but many are fearful that a breakdown is on the way. 

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  • Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.03.05 PM.png

    Justin Bieber is keeping his head held high—so we'll see what happens in upcoming weeks. 

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  • justin bieber monkey

    One of the weirdest of Bieber's recent falls from grace was when he illegally brought a monkey into Germany before promptly abandoning him with the authorities. He still owes the German government $11,000 for bringing an illegal species into the country.

  • justin bieber prostitute

    In November 2013, Bieber was allegedly spotted exiting a brothel in San Paolo, Brazil. Not long after, a video surfaced, shot by an unknown woman, of Bieber sleeping.

  • justin-bieber-great-wall

    In October 2013, Bieber's seeming insanity reached new heights when he had his gaggle of bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China.

  • justin bieber selena gomez texts

    In January 2014, a slew of text messages allegedly from Selena Gomez to her ex-flame got into the hands of Radar Online editors. Behold.

  • "Justin Bieber's Believe" World Premiere - Arrivals

    In response to the discovery of cocaine in Justin's Hollywood home, his mother Pattie Mallette said, "“I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots, and get influenced somehow,” she told U.K. paper The Sun. She also asked that Bieber's fans "pray for him."

    Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

If Justin Bieber’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are any indication, this week has definitely been a rough one for the superstar.

Abroad in London for a series of concerts, he intended to celebrate his 19th birthday last Friday—only to send out this ominous tweet to his 36 million Twitter followers: “Worst birthday.”

Since then, it seems that he’s rapidly becoming unhinged, making several appearances around London clad in gas masks, fainting at one of his concerts, and getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo. Many have been quick to note that his behavior is reminiscent of Britney Spears—who showed similar signs of destruction in 2007 prior to her infamous breakdown.

Up until recently, it seemed the 19-year-old pop star had it all figured out for someone dealing with an absurd level of worldwide fame: He had an equally vanilla girlfriend (Selena Gomez—they’ve since split), a close relationship with his family, and no incidents of violence or crime associated with him. In a matter of months, however, this all started to change.

In early January, photos surfaced of Bieber at a party in Newport Beach, California, smoking a blunt—surrounded by friends including rapper Lil Twist, who immediately became a blog target and labeled as a “bad influence” on Bieber. That same week, a story broke that a paparazzo, in hot pursuit of Bieber’s white Ferrari, was killed in a car accident while chasing it, and Lil Twist ended up being the one behind the wheel. (Note: This is merely one of the first auto-related incidents concerning Bieber’s wild new posse.)

While we’re hoping that the singer doesn’t fall prey to the perils of the classic “too much too soon” syndrome that often afflicts child superstars, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that his behavior on social media this week has been downright bizarre. Need proof? Click through the slideshow above for a timeline of Bieber’s erratic behavior.

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