Justin Bieber Gets Caught Speeding in $400,000 Car in Dubai

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Justin Bieber is a bad luck magnet as of late—and it’s partially due to his reckless behavior. Two days after making international headlines when a fan attacked him onstage at a concert, the 19-year-old pop prince is in hot water with the Dubai police for his excessive speeding.
According to reports, the Biebs has been tooling around the swanky city, located in the United Arab Emirates, in a $400,000 white Lamborghini Aventador. He has been caught on a speeding camera a whopping total of six times during his short trip, and now he’s got some hefty fines to pay.
This is not the first time he’s caused some controversy on the road. Despite his young age, he’s got millions in the bank and a penchant for fast cars—and was recently pulled over for racing his Ferrari in his gated community in Calabasas, California.
Our question here is: Why was he driving in Dubai in the first place? We all feel the need for speed once in awhile, but Bieber is overseas with a massive entourage—that no doubt includes a driver (or five).
Considering he’s reportedly staying in an $18,000-a-night Royal Suite at the upscale Burj Al Arab Hotel, the world’s only seven star hotel, we think it would be wise if he allows the concierge to handle the driving arrangements from here on out.
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  • carlo

    It’s Justin Biebers money so he can spend it any way he wants. But, he should slow down before he becomes just another statistic on the long list of stars who have died way too young.

  • http://gravatar.com/terrymetts terrymetts

    I think Justin is nothing but a little boy that craves attention.He is no king of pop-he is spoiled and likes his way or no way.I can’t stand when anyone that has money flaunts it to the public there is alot of less fortunate people in this world.Spend your money on helping others or support wildlife.

    • roqaya

      Ok blabbermouth, you obviously don’t know that justin donates thousands and thousands all the time, helps sick, homeless, needy, people. He visits hospitals, makes peoples dreams come true. but he always insists on no cameras (mentioned on ellen by scooter braun). The good things he does are endless, why don’t u look it up.

  • lynk

    he,s s like all he child sars, i goes o here head, soon he will be washed , and be anoher Lindsay logan

  • roqaya

    i agree that he shouldn’t be driving, because he was late 2hours for that concert since he was driving. thats the reason he was speeding. I was at that concert and the directions to get their were very complicated so i don’t doubt he got lost.

  • JerseyBeachGirl

    $18,000 a NIGHT, RU fucking kidding me, that’s more than some people make in a year, what an ASS. Another one who will die doing something stupid (speeding = car crash)…. unfortunately :(

  • https://www.facebook.com/brad.sloboda Brad Sloboda

    all it took was a lot of money to show what a punk this boy really is…. punk that needs to grow up…

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