Justin Bieber’s Cars: Everything You Need to Know About His $1.2 Million Collection

Justin Bieber’s Cars: Everything You Need to Know About His $1.2 Million Collection
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He may be merely 18-years-old, but Justin Bieber has a car collection that most grown men can’t even begin to fathom. Come to think of it, he has a lot of things that most grown men can’t even begin to fathom: a net worth of $110 million (and counting), a Forbes cover, and a whopping 33 million Twitter followers. But let’s get back to the cars. Over the past few months, Bieber’s fleet of automobiles have found themselves in the headlines (for good and bad reasons), so we couldn’t resist rounding up all the details.
1. We all remember our first car, but chances are Bieber’s first time behind the wheel was more memorable than yours. When he was 16, R&B sensation Usher gifted Biebs with a sleek black-on-black Range Rover, which he still drives to this day.
2. When Bieber turned 18, his manager Scooter Braun presented him with a major gift: a brand new Fisker Karma. The hybrid sports car is one of the most exclusive on the market, and other celebrities who tool around in Fiskers include Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore. A Fisker will run you about $100,000.
3. These days, a Ferrari 458 Italia seems to be Bieber’s vehicle of choice—at least since he allegedly split with his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Following news of their breakup in December, Bieber has been taking on the streets of L.A. in his new $220,000 ride.
4. The Ferrari mentioned above has caused considerable problems for Bieber. On New Year’s Day, a paparazzo, in hot pursuit of a quick payday from a photo of Biebs behind the wheel, began chasing the speeding Ferrari. Minutes later, the paparazzo got into a car accident and wound up dead. Oddly enough, Bieber wasn’t even behind the wheel—it was his friend, rapper Lil Twist. Minutes after the car accident, Lil Twist was pulled over and cited for speeding. The Ferrari’s reputation as a “bad luck mobile” has only increased. His friend Lil Za (you really can’t make these names up) was pulled over for making a U-turn, and also for having tinted windows. Obviously, the solution here is that Bieber needs to keep his cars in his garage, and not allow his friends to joyride around Los Angeles in them.
5. When you let an 18-year-old behind the wheel, you can’t really blame him for wanting to have a little fun, and that’s exactly what Bieber does. Last year, he had numerous run-ins with the law in his customized Cadillac CTS-V, which is essentially made to look like the Batmobile. He’s been ticketed for infractions like making a left turn on a middle lane, speeding through a construction zone, and many others. He’s been criticized for not taking the law seriously, after tweeting a picture of a cop car that  had pulled him over.
6. Let’s bring you up to speed. In Justin Bieber’s car collection, we’ve counted the following luxury models: a black Range Rover, a Fisker Karma, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, a Smart Car, a Ducati 848 Evo, a Range Rover Evoque, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Porsche Turbo 997, and a Ferrari 430.
7. While it’s impossible to actually know the total value of Bieber’s car collection (who knows what else he has hiding), our conservative estimate places it at $1,215,000. Yep.
To get a glimpse at each car and to hear the story behind it, click through the slideshow above!

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