Jon Gosselin Dating Star Mag Reporter


We still don’t get why the stellar combo of exceptional fertility, below average intelligence, and poor decision-making is a surefire path to 17 weeks of sort-of-fame, but this person, uh, Jon Gosselin, is it? The dude with eight kids? Well, he’s ditched the daughter of his ex-wife’s plastic surgeon to date a 26-year-old blonde tabloid reporter with a preference for animal prints.

Earlier today Star magazine trumpeted that Gosselin, 32, had fallen for another Kate, their Kate, Kate Major! Then People reported that the new Jon and Kate dined in the Hamptons yesterday with Lindsey Lohan’s dad (awesome), our fave Real Housewife, Jill Zarin, and the mayor of Southampton. And then Gawker reported that Major had resigned from her job as a senior editor at Star, citing a conflict of interest. How ethical!

We just love how you keep it classy, Jon. Gather ye rosebuds.

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