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Summer K

Fact: More than ever, technology is having an impact not only on what we view as “fashionable,” but also in how we perceive it in our daily lives. From what we buy to how we aspire to look, fashion and technology are a joint proposition that are becoming a major talking point among those in “the know.”

Enter Liz Bacelar, organizer for the upcoming Decoded Fashion Forum Series. Bacelar is bringing together the biggest names in fashion and technology (including our very own CEO, Ari Goldberg) to discuss the growing impact of technology within the fashion, retail and luxury space. We caught up with Bacelar recently to get her take on the event and what attendees can expect:

How did you come up with the concept of Decoded Fashion? How is it different than anything else out there?

Working closely with startups and technology companies from New York, San Francisco and London, it was exciting to see the rapid growth of ideas that were based on disrupting Fashion & Retail. But Fashion is an industry hesitant to experiment with the new. With Decoded Fashion we’ve decided to curate the best tech ideas and startups around the world and create a forum that connects them with decision-makers in Fashion & Retail.

How did you select these speakers?

We first identified current and emerging trends, such as social curation and analytics. As a former journalist, I’m passionate about finding news. My team focused on companies which have new products, new features and new announcements. Our goal is to incorporate more and more launches in our series.

What’s one hope you have for the future of Fashion + Tech, as a result of this event?

To be honest, we’ll be ecstatic if as a result of this event there is one impactful partnership formed between a fashion/retail brand and one of our favorite startups. There is so much value to be captured and it is our ultimate goal to enable those partnerships.

How is Fashion + Tech sexy and relevant today?

We feel like the change is in the air. We’re witnessing the beginning of a complete transformation of the fashion industry, thanks to technology. Being a driving force of this movement is really exciting.
To learn more about how you can get tickets for Decoded Fashion hit their website. Want to see some of the big names who’ll be speaking? Click through the slideshow above for a sneak peek!

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