John Stamos Gives Us A New Reason To Watch The Super Bowl


If you were obsessed with John Stamos as much as I was during your adolescent years, than this news will fill you with delight. Our favorite (and hottest) uncle ever (hello, Full House!) will be featured in an commercial set to air during Super Bowl XLVI! Can you say epic?

Stamos will be in a commercial for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, which will air during the third quarter of the big game. Sure, Stamos has had his fair share of TV time, but this will be the first time he’ll be on-air during the Super Bowl festivities.

Commercialsduring the Super Bowl are something everyone looks forward to, and for some of us, it’s way more exciting than the game itself. Knowing we’ll get a glimpse of the hotness that was and still is John Stamosreally gives clueless spectators a reason to watch!

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