John Galliano 2009 Christmas Tree for Claridge’s is Icy and Blue


John Galliano has always been one to take the road less traveled by, so his soon-to-be unveiled Christmas tree design for famed London hotel, Claridges, comes as no surprise. If Christmas trees to Santa are green, full of tinsel, and come from chillier climates, then Galliano’s version will be quite the antithesis: think icy blue, silver, and layered with draped vines and crystals. A tree fit for the Ice Queen perhaps? Or at least that’s what we can infer from the sketch that has been released of the designer’s holiday vision.

The physical tree will be unveiled at Claridge’s on December 1. Galliano, head of his own label, and the creative director of Christian Dior, marks the first fashion designer that Claridge’s has worked with over the course of the hotel’s 112-year tradition. We hope he won’t be the last!

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