How To Get A Job In Fashion: Photographer Edition

Liz Doupnik
How To Get A Job In Fashion: Photographer Edition
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For anyone who’s ever had the privilege of being on a photo shoot, the magic that happens when everything comes together between the model, the clothes, and the photographer can be pretty spectacular. At the helm of all this synergy is the photographer, who typically has a degree of control over choosing the team, story direction and for the most part, anything else that can be considered for a shoot. Taking on the role of ‘the man behind the curtain,’ the photographer carries the weight of the direction and mood of the shoot both on and off set.

As part of our series on how to get a job in fashion, we asked some of our favorite photographers to share their best tips on how to land the right position and create innovative work.

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We chatted with some of our favorite photographers to find out what it really takes to succeed in such a competitive field.

Nick Onken, Fashion Photographer

Biggest misconception of being a photographer? "The biggest misconception of being a photographer is that it's always a glorious job. But the truth is, it's so much hard work that if you don't love the actual joy of making pictures, you won't have the motivation to be successful in the field. You must be willing to do whatever it takes."

Abbey Drucker, Fashion Photographer

Biggest Tip: "Internships are one of the most important roles you can take before merging into photography as a full-time job. The experience of working in a studio: researching, archiving, editing, accounting, working on set will help cultivate your overall knowledge in the industry. Expect long hours and spontaneous schedules."

Photo: Abbey Drucker -Teen Vogue

Marley Kate, Fashion Photographer

Biggest Tip: "As a freelance photographer, my advice would be not to get discouraged! Don't get lazy! There is always someone right behind you, working as hard as you. Let that be your motivation. Shoot as much as possible!"

Ben Fink Shapiro, Fashion Photographer

Biggest Tip: "At the beginning, try to focus on taking beautiful pictures/portraits. Pay attention to lighting, composition and perhaps directing your subject. Bring in the styling, hair and makeup after all of that."

Blair Getz Mezibov, Fashion Photographer

Biggest Tip: "As with any artist, it's important to find your voice. There are a lot of us out here so aim to ensure that your work represents who you are and what you're about."

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