“Jersey Shore” Cancelled: A Look Back at the Cast’s Fashion Essentials

Spencer Cain

After six magical seasons filled with hairspray, bronzer and tequila shots, MTV has announced that “Jersey Shore” is officially being cancelled. Following the upcoming season which is set to air Thursday, October 4 at 10:00 PM, the guidos and guidettes we have come to know and love (okay, maybe not love) will be mere figments of our imaginations.

Perhaps the cancellation is due to the cast getting boring in their “old age” (after all, Snooki has just become a mother and The Situation has said goodbye to his hard partying ways and is relaxing in rehab), or maybe it’s because people are just sick of them, but the fact remains that our TV sets will be a lot less polluted on Thursday nights.

In honor of this news, we decided to take a look back at the cast and their fashion choices. Click through the gallery above for a comprehensive guide to the “Jersey Shore” cast and their ten fashion essentials that made them who they are.

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