Jenny Slate: Comedian for SNL Not Fired After Weekend Slip


For those of you who caught Saturday Night Live‘s “Biker Chick Chat” skit on Saturday night, you probably didn’t notice much gone awry, with all the “frickens” and “friggens” that were flying around…(so many that we lost count). But watch carefully, and you’ll notice that new cast member, Jenny Slate, made a very serious slip-up in the world of live television entertainment. She used the (gasp!) F-bomb, but followed the slip with a face (pictured above) that clearly demonstrated she had no intention of using the expletive. Like we don’t hear it dropped every 10 minutes just walking down the street in Manhattan.

Rumors swirled this weekend that Slate’s first appearance on SNL would also be her last– after all, there have been some serious consequences in the past for using the mother of all swears on live television. But alas, Slate has been given a second chance, and will not be booted from the show after all.

Watch the clip below, starring Slate, Nasim Pedrad (another newbie to the SNL cast), and Megan Fox who guest starred.

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