Jennifer Lawrence Will Play Elizabeth Holmes in New Medical Drama

WENN and Getty

WENN and Getty

Jennifer Lawrence is about to have yet another Oscar-baity film to add to her résumé, or her IMDB, or whatever it is A-lister actresses have. Deadline Hollywood reports she’ll play the embattled CEO of Theranos, 32-year old Elizabeth Holmes, whose net worth fell from $4.5 billion to virtually nothing after the product her $9 billion company was built on proved to be bogus.

That product was a finger-prick blood test, which promised to deliver the same results as the more invasive blood tests we’re used to. However, the accuracy of those tests was questioned when the Wall Street Journal reported the company was running on shoddy technology.

Then last month, Theranos announced that all blood tests it had done on its propriety machines in 2014 and 2015 had been voided, meaning tens of thousands of patients could have received incorrect results—a potentially life-threatening mistake. Holmes is now being investigated for criminal activities by the federal government, and Medicare and Medicaid has called for her to banned from the medical industry.

The untitled movie, which is like the opposite of “Joy,” will be directed by Adam McKay, the director behind “The Big Short.” No word yet on when it will be in theaters, but we imagine the Elizabeth Holmes story will continue to play out in the news.


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