Jennifer Hudson Slims Down Chi-Town

Spencer Cain

If you’ve seen a paparazzi shot of Jennifer Hudson in the past six months, you know that the once full-figured diva has been shedding pounds like nobody’s business. The chanteuse has been strutting her stuff as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and is now taking her brand loyalty to whole ‘nother level.

Last night in her hometown of Chicago, the Oscar and Grammy winner proudly unveiled “The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center,” a facility flanked with photos of the star to encourage attendees to drop those pesky pounds.”I never thought I would make it to have my own center,” Hudson told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so honored to be here and see this day.”

Well, I’m certainly proud of her, and am happy to see that Weight Watchers pledged to donate some of the center’s revenue to a foundation Hudson set up in honor of her late nephew, Julian King. However, this news story still cracks me up. When I saw Jennifer belting out “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” in Dreamgirls, I really didn’t expect Miss Thang to start counting points and open up a weight loss clinic. But hey, nothing wrong with a little self-improvement. If you’re in Chicago, stop by — and please report back!

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