Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Keeps You Fit On The Road


Long flights, crowded airports and exhausting family reunions can really take it out of you this time of year. As we get closer and closer to Christmas and New Year’s, it becomes easier and easier to find excuses to cheat on diet and workout plans. While staying motivated on-the-go can sometimes seem damn near impossible, Mandy Ingber is here to prove us all wrong! You don’t need any equipment, so that’s one thing you can check off your list of exercise excuses. If Ingber can get Jennifer Aniston who I promise you has a way more hectic travel schedule then you do to workout on-the-go, then you can certainly muster up some workout courage. Keep reading for Mandy’s leg-toning yoga routine to help you get motivated on-the-go.

You can also get the audio routine online here.


Start with your feet together. Sink down into an imaginary chair, so it’

s as if you were seated. Your butt and sit bones are sinking down towards your heels. Your arms are extended up towards the sky. Palms face each other or touch together. Firm your triceps and send energy out through the arms, as you continue to ground down into the earth. 5 breaths here, in and out of the nose.

For the Squats, stand up and step your feet hip-width apart. Then sink back down into a chair position, and immediately use your legs and glutes to press yourself back to standing. Do 8 repetitions of this. After the 8th rep, you can pulse the seated Chair position another 8 times to get a little extra burn.


Front leg is lunging at a 90-degree angle. The knee is aligned directly over the ankle. Look down at the feet. They should be regular lunge distance. Both hips should be facing the front. The back leg is firm; kneecap is lifted, heel pressing back. Arms are up by the sides of the ears. Palms face each other. Breathe here, lifting your sternum upwards, as you allow your sacrum to get heavy and sink downwards for 5 breaths.

To begin the lunges, step your back foot up just slightly, staying on the ball of the back foot. Sink down with the front leg, until the back knee is nearly to the floor. Press firmly into the front foot to rise back up. Again, 8 reps here, and for more of a challenge, you can pulse for 8 at the end of the set.


Bring your feet about 3 feet apart, planted on the floor with the toes turned out. Bring your palms together in prayer position, and bend both knees. Sink down with the lower body as you stay lifted through the upper body. Try not to sway your lower back or lean forward; tuck your tailbone under slightly. Engage your quads and your glutes. Breathe here, 5 breaths.

Keeping your feet in the same position, straighten the legs (without locking the knees), and lower back down 8 times. Really be conscious of using the glutes and backs of the thighs to bring yourself up. Pulse the down position for an 8-count if you are still feeling strong.

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