Jennifer Aniston: Style Evolution

Jennifer Aniston: Style Evolution
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Jennifer Aniston is that A-list celebrity that you easily believe could be your BFF if only you knew her better. You’d get her through those break-ups, be secretly jealous of her perfect bod and hang out at her Malibu mansion with her. Maybe it’s the Friends-effect or the endless Aniston saturation in the weeklies, but one thing is certain America is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.

Let’s take this time to concentrate on something a little less personal, the style evolution of The Good Girl actress. A proponent of the LBD who loves to rock jeans and some laid-back Cali girl style, Jen isn’t of the risk taking variety, but she knows how to look hot when called for. She may have had a shaky beginning the 90s were tougher than most like to admit but this bronzed beauty doesn’t usually disappoint. Flip through 15 years of Jennifer Aniston and let me know which look you like best!

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